Player Profile

Jenna Sturgeon

Junior Varsity
Grad Yr:
Not Committed

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Player Statistics
Right Handed

Academic Achievements
National Junior Honor Society 13-16
National Honor Society 16-17
Allen High School top 10 percent

Athletic Experience
Club Max 12 Elite 11-12
Club Max 12 National 12-13
Club Max 13 National 13-14
Curtis Middle School 7th grade A team 13-14
Club Max 14 National 14-15
Curtis Middle School 8th grade A team 14-15
Madfrog 15 National Blue CR 15-16
Allen Freshman A team 15-16
Madfrog 16 National Black 16-17
Allen Junior Varsity 16-17

Athletic Achievements
7th grade district champions 13-14
Club Max longevity and leadership award 13-14
Middle School team captain 14-15
Madfrog team captain 15-17
13 American bid to GJNC 13-14
14 National bid to GJNC 14-15
2nd at Big South National Qualifier in 14 American 14-15
15 American bid to GJNC 15-16

My Future Plans
Attend college and earn an advanced degree

My Favorite Volleyball Memory
My favorite volleyball memory is earning a bid to nationals in my 15's year. We had been a
few points away from a bid multiple times earlier that season and had been playing all day
on the second day of regionals. We were the last game in the whole gym and won in the third
set to secure a spot at nationals.

My Role Model and Why
My role model is my mom because she hard working and caring. She has led by example that with
determination you can do and be anything you want in life.

Contact Information
Allen Head Coach Kelley Gregoriew

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