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Leah Reeves

Grad Yr:
Verbally Committed

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Player Statistics
Right handed

Academic Achievements:
PALS (Peer Assistance & Leadership)
WINGS (We Inspire the Next Generation to Soar)

Athletic Experience:
6-Year Madfrog Volleyball Team Setter
2018-2019 Madfrog 15 Green
2017-2018 Madfrog 14 Blue
2016-2017 Madfrog 13 Blue
2015-2016 Madfrog 12 Blue
2014-2015 Madfrog 11 Blue
2013-2014 Madfrog 10 Blue

Athletic Achievements:
2019 - Qualified for GJNC 15 Open
2019 - JVA West Coast Cup Silver Medalist
2019 - 4x Lonestar Classic Qualifier Gold Medalist
2019 - PNQ Qualifier Gold Medalist
2019 - Tour of Texas Bronze Medalist
2018 - Qualified for GJNC 14 Open
2018 - 3x Lonestar Classic Qualifier Gold Medalist
2018 - Triple Crown Showcase Bronze Medalist
2018 - Tour of Texas Gold Medalist
2017 - GJNC 13 Open Bronze Medalist
2017 - 2x Lonestar Classic Qualifier Gold Medalist
2017 - MEQ Qualifier Gold Medalist
2016 - Qualified for GJNC 12 National
2016 - Lonestar Classic Qualifier Gold Medalist
2016 - NEQ Qualifier Gold Medalist
2015 - Qualified for GJNC 12 American
2015 - Colorado Crossroads Qualifier Gold Medalist

My Future Plans:
I plan to play volleyball in college and further my education in studying psychology.

My Favorite Volleyball Memory:
My favorite volleyball memory is winning my first gold ball at my first qualifier in my 11s year.

My Role Model & Why:
My first role model is my mother because she has many characteristics that I admire such as selflessness, dependability, and she always is encouraging and uplifting me and everyone around her. My second role model is one of my club coaches, Lee Golden, because she is positive, fun to be around, and she taught me a lot about myself.

Contact Information:
Allen Head Coach Kelley Gregoriew
972-727-0400 -

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