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Leah Reeves

Grad Yr:
Not Committed

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Player Statistics
Right Handed

Academic Achievements

Athletic Experience
I am entering my 6th season of club volleyball and I have completed 1 season of coaching beginner level volleyball.

Athletic Achievements
2014 Madfrog 10 Blue - AAU Nationals 10s Division (finished 5th place)
2015 Madfrog 11 Blue - USAV Nationals Qualified in 12s American
2016 Madfrog 12 Blue - USAV Nationals Qualified 12 National (finished 5th place)
2016 Lonestar Classic Finished 1st Place - 12 National
2017 Madfrog 13 Blue - USAV Nationals Qualified 13 Open (finished 3rd Place)
2017 Lonestar Classic Finished 1st Place - 13 Open
2018 Madfrog 14 Blue - USAV Nationals Qualified 14 Open (finished 5th Place)
2018 Lonestar Classic Finished 1st Place - 14 Open 2018 Tour of Texas - Finished 1st Place

My Future Plans
I plan to graduate high school with 80% of my credits towards my associates degree and commit to a competitive college volleyball program.

My Favorite Volleyball Memory
My favorite volleyball memory was winning our 1st National bid at the age of 11 in 12s division. It was our first out of state qualifier and my first gold ball. I remember the team we played in the championship seemed like giant 12 year old girls at the time.

My Role Model and Why
My role model is my cousin, Desmon Williams. I am inspired by his hard work, dedication to his sport, and his positive attitude. I hope to follow in his footsteps with his work ethic.

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Allen Head Coach Kelley Gregoriew

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