Player Profile

Madoka Weldon

Junior Varsity
Grad Yr:
Not Committed

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Player Statistics
Right Handed

Academic Acheivements
A-honor roll 2014-2015 school year

Athletic Experience
Club Volleyball player since 2011
2011-12 season through 2013-14 season at Club Max, working up to the Top National Team
2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons at Summit Nitro VBC, Top National Team
2013, 2014 Allen ISD Middle School A-Team
2016 Colorado State University College Prep Invitational Camp
2016 Allen High School JV Libero

Athletic Acheivements
2013-2014 Club Max Outstanding Leadership Award
2014 USAV Girls Junior National Championships, American Division
2015 Northeast National Qualifier - 3rd place
2015 USAV Girls Junior National Championships, Open Division
2015 Tour of Texas - Top 10 Finish, Prequalified for 2016
2015 USAV Junior Beach Tour National Championships
2015 Spike Fest Division Winner
2016 Tour of Texas 4th Place Finish - Prequalified for 2017
2016 Show Me National Qualifier - 3rd place
2016 USAV Girls National Championships, Open Division

My Future Plans
To continue my exciting volleyball career in High School and Club and play for a D1 college

My Favorite Volleyball Memory
The game in which we earned our open-bid at the Northeast National Qualifier in Baltimore, Maryland

My Role Model and Why
My grandparents in Japan, for their undying work ethic and unconditional love for their family. Their age hasn't
stopped them from living life to the fullest and working hard, while also caring for and supporting those they
love. They are self-motivated, wise, and have very kind hearts.

Contact Information
Allen Head Coach Kelley Gregoriew

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