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Sophie Chizk

Junior Varsity
Grad Yr:
Not Committed

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Player Statistics
Right Handed

Academic Achievements
Maintained A/B average in all classes as a freshman while balancing commitments with Volleyball and P.A.L.S.

Athletic Experience
Played on 7th & 8th grade Ereckson A team as well as Freshman A team last year. Have played club volleyball
for the last five years with such clubs as Excel, Frisco Flyers and Victory.

Athletic Achievements
For the 2017 season, club team (Victory 15 Elite Black) finished 8th in NTR for regular season and earned bid
to Nationals in Minneapolis, MN.

My Future Plans
My future plans in volleyball would be to continue to play throughout high school. I hope to begin coaching
younger kids, and help them develop a love for the sport, as I did at a young age.

My Favorite Volleyball Memory
My favorite volleyball memory would be the times spent off the court growing closer with my freshman team.
Laughing and bonding as a team made the time spent on the court so much more fun!

My Role Model and Why
During my early volleyball years, I was blessed with the chance to be coached by a wonderful woman who gave
me a love for the game. She didn't just teach me how to play volleyball, but more importantly taught me the
value of hard work, dedication, an a positive attitude. The lessons she taught me, have helped me navigate
my way through everyday life, and continue to today.

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Allen Head Coach Kelley Gregoriew

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